Surveillance & Remote Monitoring

 Luxury homeowners place a premium on the safety of their home and family. Maddox AV can work with you to design unique surveillance and remote monitoring systems that provide you with peace of mind whether you are at work, at home with your family, or traveling abroad. These systems are accessible from smartphone devices as well so that you can always know what is going on at home, even when you’re away!

Home Security Features

People use a variety of features to secure their home whether or not they are actually there. Some people rely on traditional security systems, which are monitored by a security company. Others utilize a combination of traditional security system features and surveillance cameras that they can monitor from their phone. Home automation systems allow you to have absolute control over every security feature in your home. From keyless entry systems and cameras to lights and wireless communication, there are a wide variety of features that you can modify for your convenience and security.

Integration and Networking

Today’s homes in Howard County are designed to entertain, enhance your productivity, and allow you to work remotely. If you have noticed that your home network or cell phone reception needs a boost, then we can help. Maddox AV can analyze and provide custom improvements to your WiFi signal, network capabilities, cell phone reception, and more. Call today to learn all that we have to offer.

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