Home automation is a hot topic right now, and there are many benefits to be gained by installing a home automation system. From increased security to energy- and money-saving features, home automation can revolutionize the way you live. Continue reading today’s post to learn more about what home automation offers, and call Maddox AV to learn how we can design the perfect system for your Howard County home.

Complete Control

One of the worst feelings is the world is that anxiousness you feel when you’ve arrived at work and can’t recall if you locked all the doors, turned off the lights, or even left the stove on. In fact, you may have felt that the only option you had was to drive all the way back home to check if the door was locked and the lights and stove were turned off. With home automation, you could easily check each of these items and more from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. If you have a pet at home, then you can check on them via a surveillance camera connected to the your home automation system.


People use a variety of features to secure their home whether or not they are actually there. Some people rely on traditional security systems, which are monitored by a security company. Others utilize a combination of traditional security system features and surveillance cameras that they can monitor from their phone. Home automation systems allow you to have absolute control over every security feature in your home. From keyless entry systems, cameras, and lights to wireless communication, there are a wide variety of features that you can modify for your convenience and security.

Energy Efficient

Most people are looking for new ways to improve the energy efficiency of their home. Not only does energy efficiency benefit our environment, but it also helps to save money — but we’ll get to that part in a moment. The ability to access your air conditioner or furnace to adjust the temperature when you aren’t home opens up a whole new way to increase your home’s energy efficiency. Another way to increase your energy efficiency is through controlling the amount of sunlight your home’s interior receives. While open blinds in winter mean a deliciously warm room, this is not something that you want during the summer. Automated window treatments are the perfect solution!

Money Saving Features

Another money-saving feature to consider is the ability to control the electricity usage in your home. If you feel that you are always telling someone to turn off the lights, tv, or other device, then you can easily resolve those issues with home automation. Don’t run around the house trying to locate the remotes for different devices — centralize command through home automation. The ability to control the climate in your home not only saves energy, but it also saves money. There’s no reason to keep your house nice and toasty on a cold winter day if no one is at home.


Depending on how much you want to spend on home automation, there are a number of luxuries that you can include. For example, there are numerous small appliances that you can control right from your phone. There are also home assistant products that can be utilized to extend the reach of your home automation system. Make sure, however, that any extras your purchase will work well together as many are created by different companies.

While there are many smart products on the market, only a home automation system can offer the convenience, security, and efficiency you need in one package. In order to make sure your home is truly “smart”, be sure to hire an experienced professional. At Maddox AV, we have the experience and knowledge needed to create the ideal home automation system for you. Call today and let us automate your Howard County home.