1. Avoid These Home Theater Installation Mistakes

    Home theater installations are growing in popularity, and for good reason — they are fun! Not only are they fun, but they also add value to your home, which will benefit you should you decide to move. While many people try to install a home theater on their own, this is not the best route to go, as there are a number of details that need to be taken into account to ensure that the finished produ…Read More

  2. Benefits of a Smart Home Theater

    When you think back on some of the best movies you have ever seen, you probably realize that a big factor was that you saw them in a movie theater. Movie theaters are able to create the perfect viewing experience, from lighting and sound to seating and ambiance. If you want to imitate this setting in your home, then contact Maddox AV today and let us help you create the perfect home theater design…Read More