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Best Of Home Automation & Home Theaters in Virginia

When you live in Northern Virginia and are close to the DC metro area, you want to escape the fast-paced city and enjoy all that your home can offer during the off hours.  No doubt, you want to also find the best companies to work with to create your dream home and, more importantly, a home that is designed to enhance your lifestyle.  Recently, Maddox Audio Video Design was recognized as a premier leader in Virginia Home Automation, home theaters, and home entertainment!  In it’s 2022 edition, Nick Kfoury, President of Maddox Audio Video Design is featured as The Face of Home Automation & A/V.  This annual stand-alone publication is mailed to upscale homes in Maryland, DC, and Virginia service areas and highlights some of the industry’s best home professionals.  

How Maddox AV Helps Homeowners Integrate Technology

If you live in Northern Virginia or near Washington DC, you know that the lifestyle here is unmatched! That is why so many of our clients who live in or near Northern Virginia choose to include top of the line technology and equipment that enhances their home and lifestyle.  Home automation not only makes your life more convenient but more energy efficient, more secure, and more entertaining.

With over 15 years of experience, Maddox AV has established a reputation as a high-end provider of luxury home automation and home theater services for even the most discerning clientele in and around Northern Virginia. We can design and engineer a whole house integrated system or work directly with your architect, builder, interior designer, and landscape designer – for immersive indoor and outdoor spaces.  Let us create a whole house experience with home automation, home entertainment and home theater systems that are unmatched in design and innovation, in our region.

Scenic view of homes in Northern Virginia

Smart Home Automation & AV Services in Virginia

Maddox AV provides design, engineering and installation services for Home Theaters, Home Automation & Home Entertainment systems in Northern Virginia to major metropolitan areas like McLean, Tysons Corner, Reston, Herndon, Falls Church, Alexandria and Chantilly.  We have been recognized by local and national organizations as a leader in the field.  Some of our services include:

  • Smart Home Automation – we sell and service top brands like Control4, Savant, Sonance and over 100 more!  Our home automation systems integrate all of your needs into one platform that creates the perfect atmosphere for your home and the ultimate level of control.
  • Home Theater Design & Installation –  today’s home theater trends are constantly evolving.  We can help you create immersive cinematic experiences or home theaters that double as game rooms, offices, and more!  Our systems typically include options for screens, televisions, projectors, surround sound, networking and more!  
  • Automated Lighting & Shade Control – Many of the homes in Virginia have picturesque views, but when you are trying to rest, watch a movie, or create ambience, you may want to create your own atmosphere and our automated lighting and shade control systems allow you to do just that with the touch of a button!  Some systems are even automated to recreate outdoor lighting in sequence with the seasons and sun!  Nothing is too simple or complex for our clients.
  • Whole Home Audio & Video Systems – High end audio/video systems should complement your architectural design, not detract from it.  We partner with manufacturer’s like Sonance to provide invisible speakers and equipment that are architecturally appropriate. Entertaining is a breeze when you have the best sound system and the most immersive video systems possible.  You can play party music by the pool, light jazz while making dinner, or workout music in the family gym…all at the same time! Our outdoor systems create an immersive concert experience or simply provide background music for entertaining.
  • Technology, Networks & Servers – Today’s virtual workforce allows you to work from anywhere and our technology specialists can configure in-house networking and servers to allow you to consolidate and access all of your data, media, and more from one device throughout the home.   Some clients even require closed-loop vs. cloud systems.  This helps ensure your data is safely and securely stored and backed up, if desired, outside the cloud.

Our design consultation will provide you the opportunity to discuss your vision while conducting an on-site evaluation.  We’ll design, engineer, and install a fully integrated system that will instantly upgrade your Virginia homestead for all the home automation, devices, and services your family needs!  

Get started now by completing the contact form below to schedule your free design consultation in Northern Virginia!

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