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Creating The Perfect Atmosphere With Lighting & Shade Control

The lighting in your home has a big impact on the atmosphere you create. Lighting and shade control help you create the perfect atmosphere, increase efficiencies, provide comfort, and enhance safety. During our design consultation, we’ll review your needs and recommend systems and enhancements that achieve the desired results.

Room Scenes at the Touch of a Button

We design, engineer and install lighting and shade systems by Lutron and other manufacturers that allow you to have automated control of the lighting, blinds, and shades in one room, or the whole house.  It’s so easy, even a toddler can do it!

beautiful bath with ambient lighting

Integrated Lighting & Control Systems

We integrate lighting and shade control systems with your home automation systems to enhance your lifestyle and provide the level of security you desire, inside and outside your home. Whether you want to illuminate pathways in and around your home for safety, or make your home look occupied while you’re away, lighting and control systems can help you accomplish these goals.  You can customize individual rooms to whole-house scenes. All of these systems can be instantly created with the touch of a button, for added convenience.

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