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Reach New Technological Heights

Enjoy the Latest Features, Such as a Security Camera Installation, in Annapolis, MD

When you build a new home, you want a space that’s a step up from your old one. You don’t want a cookie-cutter home with tired technology.

whole home audio video maryland

High-Quality Technology

You want to experience something new. Create a home with the tech you want by reaching out to Maddox Audio Video Design. As a reputable home automation company that serves Annapolis, MD, we can add technological features of all kinds to your home.

Hire us to perform:

  • Security camera installation
  • Smart home technology installation
  • Network installation
  • Audio system installation
  • Video system installation

You can get a new system or a new smart home feature at your convenience. Whether you hire us for home audio installation or security camera installation, you’ll love our high-quality technology and expert craftsmanship.

Understand the Benefit of Early Installation

Adding technology to a home that’s under construction has an important advantage. We have the opportunity to work with designers and contractors to plan everything from camera to home audio installation. By working with us sooner rather than later, we can create an advanced house that’s ready for use on move-in day and for years to come.

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