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With Savant Home Automation systems, you can personalize every room of your home for every hour of the day and night. Maddox Audio Video Design helps you create the perfect atmosphere and home automation system to match the way you live in your home. Learn more about Savant smart home automation, or schedule a consultation now!

savant home automation

Savant Home Automation systems can include:

  • Whole House Audio Systems that let you wake up, work-out, cook, or entertain with your favorite music selections, at the touch of a button.
  • Automated Lighting & Shade Control that let you instantly create natural light throughout your home, create privacy in a room or two, or set lighting controls for any combination thereof.
  • Pre-set Scenes such as “Away” to lock the house, turn off the lights, and close the garage door.
  • Controls – easy to use control and interface systems that can integrate with your phone, so you can control almost anything (but the dog) even while you’re away.

Smart Home Automation for Your Home & Lifestyle

The team at Maddox Audio Video Design designs, engineers, and installs smart home automation systems and is a Savant Pro dealer.  We help you create the perfect atmosphere for your home, using the best technology available. Learn more about the services we offer below and then contact us to schedule your design consultation.


Maddox AV is A Turn-Key Provider of Home Automation Services

Automated Lighting & Shade Control

Create the perfect atmosphere for your home with elegant lighting and shade solutions. These systems allow you to store personal settings, control motorized window shades, and save energy so that with the touch of a button, indoor and outdoor lighting and shades are automatically set to your desired mood.
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Automated Household Systems

From one control interface, you can easily monitor, manage, and control all of your home’s vital systems including heating and cooling, lighting, audio and video, and security. Set the temperature, turn on the alarm, close the garage door, or turn on the oven from one easy to use system. This is modern technology at your fingertips. We work with you to design a system that meets your every need.

Security & Surveillance

Today’s upscale homeowners need more than a Ring doorbell. Perhaps you want the ‘Lived In Look’ for when you are away? Perhaps you want to monitor activity in and around your home such as when the dog walker came and left? Our systems are designed to protect and monitor your home and your specific requirements with the latest technology.

Audio/Video Systems

Home automation can enhance the performance of your entertainment systems for the lifestyle you want to create. Whether you want to set a scene such as Party where the TV in one room is tuned to a sports network, while background music plays jazz in the main living areas of the home, while Reggae music plays outside by the pool. Lighting and shade control can be added for more ambience. You can even start watching a movie in your home theater and finish watching it from bed. We can create a variety of settings suited perfectly to you and your lifestyle.

Why Choose Us?

We understand that homeowners in Maryland, DC & Virginia want the latest technology incorporated into their homes for comfort, convenience, entertainment, and safety. We work with the most discerning clientele to provide all of the features you desire with easy-to-use interfaces, including your phone!  We work with most major manufacturers and our turnkey installations provide clients with a seamless integration of technology and ease of use for the way you live in your home.

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