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What Do You Want Your Sound to Look Like?

Do you want high definition audio, video, music and movies throughout your home?  Do you want to hide all that equipment?  If you want your sound system to be architecturally discreet, we can help!  You can play your favorite music and movies from anywhere in the home, save playlists on the family network, and even set the mood for a room-by-room experience with scenes to create the perfect atmosphere.  Best of all, your speakers, servers, sub-woofers and audio components can be hidden from view while projecting cinematic quality sound.  Your video components can drop from the ceiling, appear from behind a favorite piece of artwork and more!  Discreet and Hi-Def!  Schedule a design consultation to get started.

Room Scenes at the Touch of a Button

We design, engineer and install home automation systems that allow you to control the music, audio/video, temperature, lighting, and shades in one room, or the whole house.

home audio video systems in living area


The sound in your home can be soothing, inspiring, or motivational.  It all starts with the right components for the ultimate expression in architectural audio.  Maddox AV works with top brands and manufacturers to bring you Hi-Definition sound in any format, for any location, in your home.  Our audio components can be installed in-wall, in-ceiling, or concealed completely.  Our invisible line of speakers from Sonance is designed to be concealed while delivering music that emanates through your space, with no visual footprint.


Do you want cinematic quality video? Do you want to play movies or videos anytime throughout your home (or even outdoors) at the highest level of quality?  We can design one room, or your whole house, with 4k projection systems, high quality screens and TVs, automated lighting, and more to provide a cinematic experience!

Whole Home Audio & Video Systems for Your Lifestyle

whole home audio video maryland

Every family member has different entertainment preferences and everyone gets their way with a whole home audio & video system! Best of all, our design team can help you create the perfect system for your unique needs with high performance audio, video, concealed architectural speakers, and more!  Our technology engineers can also help you set up a network that works!  Are you thinking about a closed-loop system?  We can set up servers in your home to house your media files, entertainment library, or private information.  The only limitation is your imagination!

If your family is working from home, learning from home, or entertaining, your entire system can be accessed with the touch of a button.  Imagine accessing entertainment from your whole house at the same time.  Movies in the home theater room, kids gaming in the play room, and teenagers hanging out the pool.  Your home can be a true lifestyle experience when you integrate whole home audio & video systems that work the way you live!

Maddox Audio Video Design can design, engineer, and install a whole home audio video system to provide a room-to-room experience for every member of your family, throughout your home.  Get started by scheduling a design consultation below!

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