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What Do You Want Your Sound to Look Like?

Do you want high definition audio, video, music and movies throughout your home?  Do you want to hide all that equipment?  If you want your sound system to be architecturally discreet, we can help!  You can play your favorite music and movies from anywhere in the home, save playlists on the family network, and even set the mood for a room-by-room experience with scenes to create the perfect atmosphere.  Best of all, your speakers, servers, sub-woofers and audio components can be hidden from view while projecting cinematic quality sound.  Your video components can drop from the ceiling, appear from behind a favorite piece of artwork and more!  Discreet and Hi-Def!  Schedule a design consultation to get started.

The Way Your Home Sounds Should be Part of the Design

Your home is designed to appeal to your five senses – sight, sound, touch, smell, taste.  When designing your home, we often create lighting plans, interior design plans, so why not a sound plan?  Maddox Audio Video Design works collaboratively with manufacturers, your architect, interior designer, lighting designer and custom home builder to help you create the high end sound system you crave while respecting the architectural aesthetics you desire. As a premier custom integrator for Sonance and James Loudspeaker, we can provide unique solutions for your lifestyle and entertaining needs.  With a U.S. based manufacturing facility, anything can be created by our world-class audio engineers because anything is possible!  See the case study below.

Our design/build customized capabilities allow us to provide top of the line, aesthetic driven, audio solutions without compromising the design and architecture of your home.  your audio experience will uncover limitless potential for the way you live.  We design, engineer and install home automation systems that allow you to control the music, audio/video, temperature, lighting, and shades in one room, or the whole house.  By working with award-winning manufacturers, like Sonance and James Loudspeaker, we can customize a solution to fit any need!

Audio / Video Systems

Do you want to create a room-to-room experience throughout your home?  Our thoughtful approach to the A/V design process can provide experiential audio/video systems that will do just that!  Our custom design/build solutions are innovative and unique and we work with top manufacturers too!

Watch movies or videos throughout your home (or even outdoors) using the latest technology and the highest quality products.  We can design and engineer a cinematic home theater or a whole house experience!  Your system considerations will consider 4k projection systems, high quality screens and TVs, automated lighting, and more to provide a cinematic experience!  Our systems are designed to be discreet so they can hide away when not in use.

The sound in your home can be soothing, inspiring, or motivational.  It all starts with the right components for the ultimate expression in architectural audio.  Maddox AV works with top brands and manufacturers to bring you Hi-Definition sound in any format, for any location, in your home.  Our audio components and top of the line speakers can be installed in-wall, in-ceiling, or concealed completely.  Our invisible line of speakers from Sonance are designed to be concealed while delivering music that emanates through your space, with no visual footprint.

Our outdoor systems are robust and designed to not only endure the elements, but to provide you an immersive sound quality outdoors!


What Does Custom Design/Build Audio Engineering Mean?

Sonance invisible speakers are hidden in the ceiling beams
sonance invisible speakers
BEFORE: Maddox utilized a Design Build process to manufacture custom speakers to be incorporated and concealed into the beams of this room. We fabricated covers to conceal them – leaving the architectural design in tact. The sound is completely immersive…and hidden from view.

This case study shows how a room can be reimagined with sound, while respecting the design and aesthetics.

When this family purchased their new home, they were really excited about entertaining and creating a home the entire family could enjoy.  As avid movie and music buffs, the sound of their home was important to them.  However, they realized that their family room was not conducive to an immersive audio experience.  While the room had a beautiful display of windows on two sides, a vaulted ceiling with beams, and opened to a deck overlooking a natural forest setting, this left little room for a stellar sound system…until Maddox AV was consulted.

Maddox created a custom design/build audio solution that included custom manufacturing sound bars from Sonance/James Loudspeaker.  This equipment was engineered for size requirements and desired sound.  The equipment was then installed in the beams, along with concealed wall speakers, and a concealed sub-woofer.

To carry the sound outdoors, a state of the art outdoor sound system was installed.  Now, the family enjoys whole house interior and exterior sound whenever they want it!

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