1. Benefits of Multi-Room Audio Systems

    Not that long ago, installing a multi-room home audio system would have required a lot of wires, a lot of mess, and a lot of hassle. Technology continues to meet at the speed of light and now allows us to install wireless systems that can match almost any design you need for your home. In fact, Maddox AV in Anne Arundel partners with clients to design the high-end home audio system that meets the …Read More

  2. Truly Relax With High End Home Theater Systems

    If you have been considering installing a smart home theater system, but have wondered if it is truly worth the money, time, and effort, then you have come to the right place for answers! Maddox AV knows that discerning homeowners in Anne Arundel are looking for the best quality and the best service when they shop for home theater designs. Continue reading to learn how your high-end home theater s…Read More

  3. Benefits of Smart Home Technology

    Maddox AV aims to be your go-to provider of smart home technology, home theater installation, automated lighting and beyond in Arundel County. Whether you’re planning ahead for your new home or are looking to optimize and customize your existing home, Maddox AV is here to provide you with the top quality products and services you need. Contact us today! While many people have chosen to install s…Read More