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What is a Smart Home Automation Plan?


Are you building a new custom home or renovating an older home? There is no doubt that you’ll want to make your home smarter with home automation.  After all, not only does smart home automation make your life more convenient and enjoyable, it can actually add value to your home in the long run.  Here are 5 things to be sure that your Smart Home Automation Plan considers and includes.

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Best In-Wall Invisible Speakers


When you're looking for discreet design, invisible wall speakers are the answer!  They have become increasing popular over the last few years for their out-of-sight characteristic. In this article, we’ll discuss the best in-wall invisible speakers and how to integrate them into your home!

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Incorporating Technology into Your Home's Design


For luxury homeowners,  technology that enhances the atmosphere of your home, is a must. When installing smart home devices, it is important to consider incorporating technology into your home design.  Smart home technology not only requires design consideration but also integration that is easy to use.  Many homeowners want their smart devices to blend seamlessly into each room. Televisions and speaker equipment are often intrusive to room design and may be difficult to disguise. The specialists at Maddox AV, offer solutions to incorporate technology into your home with the latest state of the art equipment that is concealed to and allows your architecture and design to stand out, while creating an immersive audio visual experience. 

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A Beginners Guide to Smart Home Automation


Are you intrigued by smart homes but not sure where to start? Do you want full home automation or just a few smart home features, like adjusting your thermostat from your phone or arming your home security when you’re away? You may be wondering if your home is even compatible with smart home automation. You came to the right place. Maddox AV can do it all from home security to complete smart home automation — and it makes your life easier. In this article, we provide a beginners guide to smart home automation.

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What Do the Best Home Automation Systems Do?


Home automation systems have been growing more popular as homeowners seek to live in a smart home that is customized for their lifestyle and provides an immersive experience.  These systems provide automatic control of the devices in your home and can also be controlled remotely. That is why more and more homeowners are going all the way with home automation systems that provide convenience, security, and efficiency.  Below are some of the latest trends.

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Discreet Design - Hiding Your Home Technology


Today’s upscale homes feature the same design trends that celebrities have know about for years.  Home technology is among one of the hottest trends, but discerning homeowners want technology to be architecturally cohesive with their space!  In this article, we’ll feature some of the latest ways to access the latest technology, in a more discreet way.

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Increase Efficiency with Home Automation


Smart home automation systems provide the additional convenience and safety that homeowners desire. Although sometimes overlooked, home automation helps to increase a home’s efficiency. This in turn saves you money on your energy bill. Home automation systems allow you to control your family’s energy usage to make sure your home is always running efficiently. You can increase efficiency with home automation systems that connect your devices and appliance on one easy-to-use platform. 

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What are the best ways to integrate home automation?


A recent study showed that 57 million households are now utilizing some form of home automation.  After all, you can order simple DIY home automation equipment and have it delivered to your door within 24 hours.  While this is a good start for many, it can leave much to be desired from an integration and ease of use perspective.  In this article, we’ll discuss the best ways to use home automation and and fully integrate home automation for efficiency, convenience, and comfort.

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Why Home Automation Systems are Important


As technology continues to advance, users are becoming more and more reliant on their smart devices. Homeowners are even beginning to find that home automation systems are important additions to their lifestyle. The team at Maddox Audio Video Design designs, engineers, and installs smart home automation systems that help you create the perfect atmosphere for your home, using the best technology available.

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Smart Home Technology Trends for 2023


Homeowners are taking the plunge and making significant investments in their home technology.  After all, we are all spending more time in our humble abodes since the pandemic.  The trends show this is well worth the investment.  In this article, we recap some of the hottest home technology trends for 2023 and ways that Maddox AV is helping luxury homeowners make their homes more suited to their lifestyle with technology and home automation.

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Selecting a Speaker for Your Whole Home Audio System


Whole home audio systems create an atmosphere that sets your home apart from your neighbors. Imagine being able to listen to your favorite music or movies from any room in your house. Traditional movie theaters offer a full immersion of surround sound to intensify any film. With a whole home audio system, you can re-create a cinematic experience in your own home or elevate the way you enjoy music. To do this, there are several components you need to consider including your selection of speakers.

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Maddox Wins Heritage of Innovation Award


Each year, the Sonance Design awards the top dealers and installers in the industry for excellence celebrating project innovation, design elegance, and outstanding performance.  Maddox Audio Video Design  is honored to have received the Heritage of Innovation Award which recognizes “The most creative custom solution designed, in collaboration with the Sonance | James Loudspeaker team, to solve a problem or enhance project design.”

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Smart Home Technology Features


Are you spending more time in your home? Which smart home technology would you love to have? The specialists at Maddox AV understand that homeowners desire the latest technology in their homes for convenience, comfort, and control. Smart home technology features are becoming a critical aspect for a functional lifestyle and we can help you integrate the latest smart home technology features into your home.  

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How To Increase Your Home Network and Connectivity


For smart homes to function at their best, a strong network connection or hard-wired system is the key. Installing a whole-home audio and video system in your home provides you with increased comfort, convenience, and security. Multiple devices on your network, 4K and UHD, and gaming systems can slow down your network performance. The specialists at Maddox AV can help increase your home network and connectivity by designing and installing systems for maximum performance, ensuring that your smart home functions at its best.

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Smart Remotes Make Smart Homes Easier


Smart homes have become increasingly popular and can make your life easier and more convenient.  Maddox Audio Video Design can install smart home automation features to help create the perfect atmosphere for your home and lifestyle. The Control4 smart remote is the ultimate smart home feature for your family because it allows you to control so much more than a TV.  It can be used to control the audio, video, lighting, and more anywhere in your home.  Here's how:

Smart homes have become increasingly popular and can make your life easier and more convenient.  Maddox Audio Video Design can install smart home automation features to help create the perfect atmosphere for your home and lifestyle. The Control4 smart remote is the ultimate smart home feature for your family because it allows you to control so much more than a TV.  It can be used to control the audio, video, lighting, and more anywhere in your home.  Here's how:

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Top Trending Design Elements for Smart Homes


For a smart home system to function at its best ability, high-end technology and equipment are required. Most luxury homeowners desire sleek and modern design elements throughout their homes.   So, one of the top trending design elements for smart homes is to conceal the equipment.  This can enhance the atmosphere of any room in the home while providing whole house audio/video at the touch of a button.  Here are some of the top ways you can incorporate these trending design elements for your home. 

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3 Ways to Turn Your Home into a Smart Home


Smart homes have been becoming an important component of a functional lifestyle. The team at Maddox Audio Video Design designs, engineers, and installs smart home automation systems that can help turn your home into a smart home. Using the best technology available, smart home systems help create the perfect atmosphere for your home and lifestyle!

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Maddox AV Named Best Home Automation


Best Home Automation & A/V Company

In it's 2022 edition, The Faces of Annapolis features Nick Kfoury, President of Maddox Audio Video Design as The Face of Home Automation & A/VAnnapolis Home Magazine publishes the annual magazine each year which features leading home professionals from the Chesapeake Bay area.  This year, Nick is pleased to be named as one of the best home automation companies in the Maryland region.

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The Best Smart Home Security Features


People use a variety of features to secure their home. Some people rely on a traditional security system, which are monitored by a security company. Others utilize a combination of traditional security system features and surveillance cameras that they can monitor from their phone. The best smart home security features include home automation systems. These systems allow you to have absolute control over every security feature in your home. From keyless entry systems and cameras to light and wireless communication, there are a wide variety of features that you can modify for your convenience and security.

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Keep Your Home Safe This Summer with Home Surveillance Services


As homeowners, we understand the importance of feeling safe in and around your home. Many families are beginning to travel again as local COVID regulations are lifted. We have become accustomed to staying inside our homes and near our possessions. If you plan on vacationing this summer, you may feel uneasy leaving your home and your possessions unprotected. The best way to keep your home safe this summer is with a smart home surveillance service from Maddox AV.

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