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5 Unique Ways to Use Home Lighting Automation

A room split into three frames to show different lighting automation settings: one purple, one golden, one bright white.

Unleash the Magic of Lutron Smart Lighting 

Of all the recent developments in home technology, lighting automation is one we’re the most excited about. Lutron, an early trailblazer in smart lighting control, has long been revered for its cutting-edge lighting technology and reliability. With Lutron systems, homeowners can use their phone, tablet, remote, or custom wall keypads to transform their lighting’s appearance. 

Lutron takes lighting beyond on/off, with endless colors and dimming possibilities. And with automation, you can schedule lights and shades to activate independently according to your preferences. 

Lutron home lighting automation lets you customize lights in any way imaginable—which can be a little overwhelming. Looking for a starting point? Here are five unique ideas to try in your Davidsonville, MD, home. 

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