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What are the best ways to integrate home automation?


A recent study showed that 57 million households are now utilizing some form of home automation.  After all, you can order simple DIY home automation equipment and have it delivered to your door within 24 hours.  While this is a good start for many, it can leave much to be desired from an integration and ease of use perspective.  In this article, we’ll discuss the best ways to use home automation and and fully integrate home automation for efficiency, convenience, and comfort.

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Cybersecurity for your Home Office


With remote work here to stay, many people are investing more time and money into making their home offices more comfortable.  But, while a standing desk, an extra monitor, or a comfortable office chair are desirable, cybersecurity may be overlooked.  With cyberattacks happening more frequently, your home office or small business needs to be protected from hackers too!  Maddox AV installs systems and technology to help ensure you are safe and sound! 

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Keep Your Home Safe This Summer with Home Surveillance Services


As homeowners, we understand the importance of feeling safe in and around your home. Many families are beginning to travel again as local COVID regulations are lifted. We have become accustomed to staying inside our homes and near our possessions. If you plan on vacationing this summer, you may feel uneasy leaving your home and your possessions unprotected. The best way to keep your home safe this summer is with a smart home surveillance service from Maddox AV.

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