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3 Ways to Enhance eLearning from Home


There is no question that COVID19 changed all our lifestyles. eLearning for kids and adults showcased the need to have a network that could accommodate everyone and many families have changed the way they utilize their network. Virtual learning and eLearning can be difficult for students and their parents. According to the eLearning Institute, "AI-powered eLearning will become more prevalent in 2023, with the use of chatbots, personalized learning, and adaptive learning becoming more common. Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the eLearning industry by providing personalized learning experiences for students."  In this article, we outline 3 ways to enhance eLearning at home and how technology can improve your entire family’s experience.

Private Learning Space

eLearning at home offers children more conveniences and more distractions than an in-person classroom setting The specialists at Maddox AV can help you design a workspace for children that can help them be more successful in eLearning. Acoustical panels offer noise reduction features to create the ideal eLearning environment. We provide effective solutions so your child’s learning space can absorb unwanted sound, noise, and echoes.


Having technology that functions properly is essential to eLearning. If you have multiple children at home, or you are working from home, your internet connection and WIFI may be struggling to accommodate multiple users. Sometimes, it is important to update your home with a network that can accommodate multiple devices, zoom meetings, gaming, and more so that everyone can utilize the network at the same time.  Maddox AV can help upgrade your home networks just like a business!   In addition, we utilize platforms like to enhance elearning and artificial intelligence and interaction with the devices in your home, for a better experience. 

Helpful Devices  

Data is key when it comes to enhancing elearning and working from home.  Just like a business, many families have discovered the advantages of having a home network server to manage their data.  This approach may come in handy for managing your media, movies, files, and even whole house audio and video.  Maddox AV can help you find the best solution for your needs. 

If you or a student in your home is participating in eLearning, you’re trying to work from home, or want to expand your home’s networking capabilities, we can help!  While this is often an important investment, it can help you and your family have a smarter home!  We understand that you want the latest technology incorporated into your home for comfort, convenience, learning, and safety. We work to understand each clients’ unique needs and recommend the products and applications that will best meet those needs. 

If you are thinking about investing in a better eLearning environment for you child contact the experts at Maddox AV today for a free consultation.

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