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Sonance invisible speakers are hidden in the ceiling beamsEach year, the Sonance Design awards the top dealers and installers in the industry for excellence celebrating project innovation, design elegance, and outstanding performance.  Maddox Audio Video Design  is honored to have received the Heritage of Innovation Award which recognizes “The most creative custom solution designed, in collaboration with the Sonance | James Loudspeaker team, to solve a problem or enhance project design.”

Winners were announced at the annual CEDIA (Custom Electronics Design & Installation Association) Expo.  This year’s expo was held in Dallas, Texas with over 15,000 registrants.  According to CEPro, “The CEDIA Conference featured 55 sessions focused on formal training and professional advancement, advocacy activations, and insightful speakers on emerging trends. Industry-leading manufacturers, including Crestron, Legrand AV, Origin Acoustics, SnapOne, Sony, and Sound United, among 29 brands, presented over 100 Manufacturer Product Training (MPT) sessions on their latest products and solutions.”

The winning project design was for a family room that was surrounded by glass, had vaulted ceilings, and the homeowner wanted to make it a state-of-the-art media room with an incredible sound system for entertaining.   Utilizing Sonance Invisible Speakers Series IS8’s, Maddox was able to provide big sound with no footprint.  Next, Maddox partnered with James Loudspeaker to build a sound bar that provides immersive 5.2.4 surround sound comprised of 39 drivers in the form of (3) James 189″ sound bars, a Pair of Sonance IS8 Invisibles and 2 James subwoofers that disappear with amazing fidelity.

sonance invisible speakers
BEFORE: Speakers are built in and concealed into the beams. Covers leave the architectural design in tact.

The final step in this room design was ensuring that the incredible sound system did not detract from the home’s architectural design.  The image to the right shows the concealed speaker placement that literally disappears after the covers are placed in the featured photo.  How amazing is that!  It’s easy to see why this project won the Heritage of Innovation award.

If want state-of-the-art sound for your home, designed in a way that is aesthetically pleasing, Maddox has the expertise to do the job right!  Schedule a consultation today!



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