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Smart Home Technology Trends for 2023


Homeowners are taking the plunge and making significant investments in their home technology.  After all, we are all spending more time in our humble abodes since the pandemic.  The trends show this is well worth the investment.  In this article, we recap some of the hottest home technology trends for 2023 and ways that Maddox AV is helping luxury homeowners make their homes more suited to their lifestyle with technology and home automation.

Motorized Screens, Shades & Draperies

When you want to create a truly inviting atmosphere, you can adjust the amount of natural light in any room, at any time, with motorized screens, shades, and draperies.  There are a lot of great reasons to consider this trend.

Depending upon your mood, the aesthetics of any room start with natural lighting.  Motorized shades and draperies can help you bring all the natural light in or reduce natural light for ambience or low light activities like watching movies.  There are a variety of other factors that can make this particular trend attractive too!

For example, if you work at the office during the day, you may want the shades drawn for energy efficiency - to keep your home warmer or cooler, depending on the season.  If you decide to watch a movie, with the push of a button, you can lower a hidden screen, shut the shades, and create a cinematic atmosphere.  This trend is a convenience feature that is likely to continue and impact resale purposes, especially for upscale homes.

Home Theater Systems

For over a hundred years, American’s have enjoyed watching movies.  While the pandemic shut down public movie theaters, those with home theater systems were still able to enjoy this national past-time.  No matter what the future holds, many homeowners consider home theaters to be an important accessory for their families and friends.

One of the recent trends is moving away from a home theater tucked away in a dark basement.  Today’s homeowners are leaning towards home theater designs that can serve as multi-purpose rooms.  Automated lighting and shades allow you to let in or block out natural light effectively so you don’t need a dark basement to accomplish a cinematic environment.

Maddox AV designs home theater rooms that can be used practically and thoughtfully.  How would you  like your home theater room to double as a well-lit game room?  Perhaps you’ve always wanted a man-cave with a wet bar and comfy seating?  Smaller rooms can be used as a sitting room for conversation and, with the push of a button, be instantaneously converted into a media room on-demand.  With the right planning and accessories, your home theater can be great place to immerse all your cinematic senses or with the push of a button easily convert to brighter, more useful space.

Resale value of homes with unique home theater options is enhanced when prospective buyers see the diverse-use concept with all the bells and whistles.  After all, everyone wants the best house in the neighborhood!

Smart Home Technology as Part of a Custom Home Design

home automation plan

Today’s custom home builders and homeowners know that smart home technology is an important part of custom home design.  One of the must-haves, in today’s custom home designs, is planning and pre-wiring for smart home technology and automation.

A custom home design has always included an electrical plan, a lighting plan, and today, almost no custom home is complete without a home automation plan!  This plan considers the way you will use every room of your home with placement for TVs, hidden speakers, control panels, and more!   Maddox AV works with builders, architects, and interior designers to help design a plan that can be pre-wired for more reliability than wi-fi and adapted for future flexibility.  Most importantly, it helps to create a home automation layout that can provide a truly immersive room-to-room experience.

Lighting Control

There is nothing that affects the character and charm of a home like lighting.  Today's lighting control systems provide the ultimate in convenience and atmosphere.  Maddox AV works with state-of-the-art brands and technology to provide lighting systems like Lutron for the ultimate in flexibility.  Panels and keypads can be customized for room scenes while providing the ultimate in aesthetic design.

Outdoor Home Technology

While home automation and sound systems are naturally a part of your indoor home experience, today’s technology also provides opportunities for an immersive outdoor experience.  If you plan to relax by the pool, entertain on the patio, or host a holiday party, outdoor sound can create the perfect ambience.  Aesthetically designed speakers produce concert level sound, while blending in with your landscape.

It’s important to note that while there are many out-of-the-box sound systems available to consumers, nothing can deliver an immersive experience like thoughtful design and engineering.  If you’re ready to tap into today’s home technology trends, let Maddox AV guide you through the process.  Schedule a consultation today!

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