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Are you looking for a unique way to update your home for the man in your life to enjoy and relax? Turning a den, basement or garage into the ultimate getaway space is the top home update for 2021. As many of us are spending much more time at home this year, now is the best time for an exciting home renovation project. If you have a room in mind for your new man cave, Maddox AV can help you create the ultimate getaway space.


Does your man love movies, television shows or sports? Maddox AV can help you create a luxurious media room for him to enjoy any film. There are several important components to creating a great man cave, but the devices and technology in the room are some of the most important. From the display screen to the sound we can help you determine the best options for creating the movie going experience right at home!

Game Room

Another important component in creating a man cave is including a game room. Whether your man wants to play pool, poker or video games, Maddox AV can help create the perfect set up. With smart home automation, you can easily control the lighting of the room to fit any activity! Personalize your display screen and technology to be compatible to any gaming device and make him feel like he is in the game.


To create the ultimate man cave, you need to be able to control your devices easily. Smart home automation provides you with the capability to control the lighting, sound, and temperature all at a click of a button. This helps create a space where your man can completely relax and unwind without having to worry about adjusting any device.

If you are thinking about creating a man cave in your home, contact the specialists at Maddox AV. Our team can help you create the ultimate getaway for your man!

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