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5 Unique Ways to Use Home Lighting Automation

A room split into three frames to show different lighting automation settings: one purple, one golden, one bright white.

Unleash the Magic of Lutron Smart Lighting 

Of all the recent developments in home technology, lighting automation is one we’re the most excited about. Lutron, an early trailblazer in smart lighting control, has long been revered for its cutting-edge lighting technology and reliability. With Lutron systems, homeowners can use their phone, tablet, remote, or custom wall keypads to transform their lighting’s appearance. 

Lutron takes lighting beyond on/off, with endless colors and dimming possibilities. And with automation, you can schedule lights and shades to activate independently according to your preferences. 

Lutron home lighting automation lets you customize lights in any way imaginable—which can be a little overwhelming. Looking for a starting point? Here are five unique ideas to try in your Davidsonville, MD, home. 

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1. Follow the Sun 

Who needs an irritating alarm clock when the sun can start your day? Imagine waking to the morning sun bathing your bedroom as motorized shades rise at the same time each morning. Lights can automatically shine with bright energy during the day, then shift to warm, amber hues in the afternoon, replicating the golden hour. Lutron lights and shades can be programmed to follow the sun’s patterns outside, bringing the power of natural light inside your house. 

2. Movie Magic

You take your movie nights seriously—and so can your lighting. As you press “Play” in the home theater, lights can automatically dim and immerse you in the magic of the silver screen. With Lutron's integration capabilities, you can sync your lighting control system with your favorite streaming services or media players. Create a dedicated "Movie Night" scene that dims the lights and sets the perfect ambiance with subtle backlighting and accent illumination, ensuring every cinematic moment is extraordinary.

3. Design with Light 

Lutron's systems allow you to design personalized lighting scenes that accentuate your home’s best features. Slide your finger on the app’s color wheel and transform your living room into an art gallery with strategically placed spotlights that highlight your prized paintings. Or integrate linear lighting fixtures that highlight staircases, bookshelves, and countertops. Lighting automation takes interior design to the next level, with the ability to customize and change the atmosphere anytime. 

4. Dinner Party 

Hosting a dinner party? With a press on the “Dinner” button on the wall, you’ll instantly set the lights to a warm and inviting hue, dimming them to create an intimate atmosphere. The scene can also illuminate your dining table with soft, focused lighting on the meal you’re sharing. Lutron’s custom wall keypads make it easy to adjust the mood with all the right light settings. 

5. Energize Your Exercise 

If fitness is your passion, Lutron lighting control can transform your exercise space into a motivating environment. Create a “Workout” scene that energizes your exercise routine by adjusting the lights to a bright and invigorating level—maybe even setting some lights to vibrant colors. This lighting scene will help you stay motivated, keeping your energy levels high and ensuring every workout session is an exhilarating experience.

If you’re interested in home lighting control, Maddox AV can design and program a custom lighting system that accentuates your house’s interior and simplifies everyday life. 

Contact us here to discuss your home project today. We look forward to working with you! 

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