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Automated Lighting Is About to Get Smarter


Although we wish we could be there in-person, this year's Integrated Systems Europe (ISE 2022) is going to feature a lot of new technology for the AV and systems integration industry.   One of the most exciting announcements was regarding the introduction of Lutron LEAP integration with Savant's award-winning Daylight Mode.  According to Savant, this is the first time the smart home solution has been introduced to the world wide market.  Learn more about this innovative home technology below and follow us below to stay tuned for more updates!

Automated Lighting Goes Hi-Tech

Savant is one of the industry innovators for automated lighting and shade controls.  At Maddox AV, we have installed home automation and automated lighting systems by Savant in smart homes all over Maryland.  The newest innovation from Savant features Daylight Mode - which uses advanced logic to adjust intensity and color temperature to support a health sleep and wake cycle.  Why is this so innovative?

Getting Your Circadian Rhythm

We've all heard that a consistent circadian rhythm supports healthier lifestyle habits.  Getting regular healthy sleep is encouraged when waking and sleeping hours are supported by natural light.  Savant took this theory to a whole new level with dynamic, circadian lighting that is personalized to your preferences, time zones, and schedule. You can create Savant scenes to enhance the experience further.  You can also personalize the rooms that the mode is active in.

This is just one of the new product features being launched at this years ISE 2022 expo.  Follow us to stay informed!

Get Started

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