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Invisible speakers, or in-wall speakers, are speakers that get installed in ceilings or walls then covered with joint compound and painted or papered over. They have become increasing popular over the last few years for their out-of-sight characteristic. In this article, we’ll discuss the best in-wall invisible speakers and how to integrate them into your home!

Best Invisible Speakers

Few will argue that the best manufacturer for invisible speakers is Sonance.  The Sonance Invisible Series provides architectural audio and ambient music for a room-to-room experience that emanates through your home, with no visual footprint.  Sonance offers the widest range of speaker options and are utilized in luxury residences, art galleries, museums and more!  MaddoxAV is a proud installer of Sonance and can help you design and engineer your home’s audio/video systems for maximum effect!

Sonance invisible wall speakers

Save Space

The best feature of the in-wall invisible speakers are their ability to provide surround sound in your home theater while saving space in your home. The in-wall invisible speakers are installed in wall cavities, basically using the space between the walls and ceilings as a cabinet. This is beneficial for houses with smaller square footage or houses with cluttered walls. Gone are the days of having to mount shelves to hold traditional speakers or having to hide wires. This discreet design helps save you space and hide your home technology better than ever.

Architectural & Interior Design

Invisible speakers are great for large or small homes due to their sleek appearance but the best part is that they don’t add or detract from the design because they are simply invisible. Unlike traditional bulky surround sound systems, in-wall invisible speakers can be painted or wallpapered over and still provide cinema-quality audio throughout your home theater.  Sonance invisible speakers also come with paintable grilles that allow you to match the color of your room while still providing high-quality sound.

High Quality Audio

Invisible speakers can provide excellent sound throughout the home.  A quality engineer, like Maddox AV, can design the entire system to maximize the output and effect.  You can utilize this system for cinematic quality home theater systems, or for maximum sound quality in a den or family room.  The flat panel used to create and project sound into the room at a much wider dispersion angle than traditional surround sound speakers. Our partners, Sonance, have in-wall invisible speakers that range from 80 to 90 degrees off-axis, meaning they expand the “sweet spot” to extend more coverage area to the listeners.

If you’d like to experience the best sound system, including the Sonance Invisible Series,  in your home – schedule a consultation with the home audio and video specialists at Maddox AV today!

Want to hear more?  Listen to this client who recently had a Control4 system installed with Sonance invisible speakers.

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