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For smart homes to function at their best, a strong network connection or hard-wired system is the key. Installing a whole-home audio and video system in your home provides you with increased comfort, convenience, and security. Multiple devices on your network, 4K and UHD, and gaming systems can slow down your network performance. The specialists at Maddox AV can help increase your home network and connectivity by designing and installing systems for maximum performance, ensuring that your smart home functions at its best.

Home Network

Today, almost every house relies on their home network and internet for basic tasks. Watching television, using social media, playing music, or gaming, all require a strong home network. Depending on your family’s lifestyle and usage patterns, you may need to increase your home network and connectivity.  A weak Wi-Fi connection can be frustrating and interrupt your lifestyle.  Multi-level homes, in particular, may have interference or trouble accessing the network.  Whether you are working from home, learning in online school, or watching Netflix, you need a strong home network.

Smart Home Devices

Even when a home network has capabilities for multiple devices, many systems aren’t designed to support multiple users, multiple devices, at one time.  Installing a whole home audio and video system in your home requires a strong network and often a server to allow members to access content from anywhere in the home.  Your network should support your lifestyle. Increase your home network and connectivity, so that the technology features designed to assist your lifestyle are functioning at their highest capability.

At Maddox AV, we design and install home networks to accommodate your family’s lifestyle and usage requirements.  We can offer suggestions for hard-wired systems, Wi-Fi and extenders, or access points to create a home network that can accommodate all the devices that are accessing your network at any given time. If you are ready to invest in a more sophisticated network for your home, contact us today or visit our website for more information.

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