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Whole home audio systems create an atmosphere that sets your home apart from your neighbors. Imagine being able to listen to your favorite music or movies from any room in your house. Traditional movie theaters offer a full immersion of surround sound to intensify any film. With a whole home audio system, you can re-create a cinematic experience in your own home or elevate the way you enjoy music. To do this, there are several components you need to consider including your selection of speakers.

Speaker Selection

Selecting a speaker is an important aspect of a whole home audio system. Most homeowners desire the best quality and sound but do not want a large speaker visible in their home. The specialists at Maddox AV provide speakers with the highest quality and sound in a concealed design-appropriate way. Hidden speakers allow you to enjoy smart technology in a design-friendly aesthetic environment.


In addition to creating a cinematic experience in your own home, a whole house audio system allows you to create the perfect entertaining environment.  You can set the mood and the music in one room for relaxation and cocktails, while the kids enjoy tunes in the playroom!  Create the perfect atmosphere throughout your home and bring your family and friends together with a whole house audio system designed for your lifestyle.   


Selecting a speaker for your whole home audio system not only provides you with entertainment but it can increase your productivity.  Motivate your workout with upbeat music while another family member cooks in the kitchen to an audio book.   If you’ve been working from home, you can connect to zoom, eLearning and more all through a well-designed whole home audio system.  .

At Maddox AV, we help you select the technology and speakers that will create a whole home audio system just for your needs. If you want to elevate your home, enjoy entertaining guests, or increase your productivity then our smart technology approach can help you! Contact us today to start enjoying your home more by installing a whole home audio system. Visit our website for more information.

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