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A Beginners Guide to Smart Home Automation


Are you intrigued by smart homes but not sure where to start? Do you want full home automation or just a few smart home features, like adjusting your thermostat from your phone or arming your home security when you’re away? You may be wondering if your home is even compatible with smart home automation. You came to the right place. Maddox AV can do it all from home security to complete smart home automation — and it makes your life easier. In this article, we provide a beginners guide to smart home automation.

What is Smart Home Automation?

In short, smart home automation is all about lifestyle and convenience. It’s keeping your home and family safe and secure. It's also energy efficient and more aesthetic!  Do you like to watch a movie or listen to music with good quality speakers? Good speakers – even a soundbar – can take up too much space and be visually unappealing. Maddox AV takes into account the visual appearance your home, in addition to the connectivity of it all.  Our Sonance invisible speakers are a fan favorite for discreet, but robust sound quality!

Home automation also means full control and functionality of your home, which includes wifi and internet connectivity. Have you ever experienced an unstable internet connection on a conference call? Working from home has made this an important issue to address and Maddox can help ensure your internet connection and home network is secure, reliable, and accessible from anywhere, even outdoors!

How Does It Work?

Smart Home Automation works a variety of different ways.  Depending on your needs, everything can be accessed through a central device or from your smart phone.  It can be a closed-loop system or easily accessible for your entire house and guests.  Home automation can allow you to arm your security system, turn on the lights, lower shades and blinds, or adjust the temperature on your thermostat all with one tap from your phone. Your appliances, lights, home security, thermostat etc. can be connected to one system. You can even control this home automation away from your home! Smart home automation is incredibly efficient and convenient, especially for the working professional, multi-homeowner, or security-conscious individual.

The biggest benefit to home automation is the ability to set scenes that automatically adjust the lighting, temperature, sound, and more - all according to your preferences.

How To Get Started

Like any technology, home automation works best when it's designed and integrated as a complete system like Control 4.  Maddox Audio Video Design works with the top manufacturers and services everything we sell.  Many homeowners start with a Google Nest or Amazon Ring device.  While these devices can provide some functionality, they can be tough to integrate and service when used with each other or other manufacturers.  More importantly, they can be super tough to secure.

Designing your system around your lifestyle is the best approach.  What feature of your home do you value most? It could be your home security or perhaps entertainment with a home theater. Is this your primary residence or secondary home? For some people, smart home automation is a must for security, for their secondary home. The security system is accessible from afar, and they can prepare the home for arrivals by adjusting the thermostat, turning on lights, etc.

Maddox AV will discuss your lifestyle and goals to bring all of your smart home elements together, making it more functional and convenient for you.  Better yet, home automation can help you save energy too!  If you’re still not sure where to begin, request a consultation with Maddox AV today. You may be amazed at how simple and effective a transition to smart home automation could be for your lifestyle.

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