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architectural digest AD100 issueIn it’s annual AD100 issue, Architectural Digest featured a host of industry leaders.  The publication selects 100 leading visionaries, icons, and innovators from around the United States and around the world, along with legendary members of the AD100 Hall of Fame.  Nicholas Kfoury, owner of Maddox Audio Video Design, was featured in the Mid-Atlantic collection of the issue and has been recognized as one of the leaders in the Home Technology industry.  View a copy of the AD100 Architectural Digest features Maddox AV  of the feature article here.

In the feature, owner Nick Kfoury describes his background as a veteran who began his career in home automation and entertainment design nearly two decades ago.  He has since built a thriving business that serves discerning clientele in the Mid-Atlantic region of Maryland, Washington DC, and northern Virginia.  “Our clients want the best in home automation and home entertainment.  Many clients value their privacy, so moving away from off-the-shelf systems like Alexa or Siri to more secure voice automation systems like is always at the top of the list.  We stay up-to-date on the latest brands and technology to provide turn-key solutions that enhance our client’s lifestyle and provide immersive room-to-room experiences.”

Maddox AV provides white-glove service for homeowners that are seeking to enhance their lifestyle with:

                      • Integrated Home Automation
                      • Home Theaters
                      • Whole House Audio/Video Technology
                      • Lighting & Shade Control
                      • Enterprise level home networks

Maddox was also recently awarded the CEDIA 2022 Heritage of Innovation by Sonance and James Loudspeaker for the most creative custom solution and project design.  This project, in particular, demonstrates their unique capabilities to design/build immersive sound systems that are discreet and cohesive with home architecture.  The project featured the Sonance Invisible Speaker series and concealed speakers in exposed ceiling beams, walls, and the great outdoors.

If you are a discerning homeowner in Maryland, Washington DC, or Northern Virginia, seeking to incorporate the latest technology in your home, contact Maddox AV for a design consultation.



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