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Home automation systems have been growing increasingly more popular as homeowners desire the latest technology in their homes. A big concern for many homeowners is wondering if their current home can function as a smart home. Although many home automation systems are installed during home construction, you can integrate smart home technology into your home. 


If you want to integrate smart home technology into your home, there are a few things you should consider before you begin the process. One of the most important components of a home automation system is the network and connectivity. Smart home technology requires a strong WiFi connection to function properly. The specialists at Maddox AV can help you create a well-designed, secure infrastructure for your devices to connect to. 


When you integrate smart home technology into your home, you want to utilize technology that is intuitive and simple. Maddox AV provides you with high-end products from Control 4, Sonance and over 50 other top brands.  Whether you want to integrate smart home controls, a security system, or a whole-house audio video system, Maddox AV installs the technology and equipment to provide you the ultimate level of convenience. 

Design & Engineering

Almost every luxury new build incorporates smart home features in the home. However, your existing home can be updated with a home automation system that reflects your lifestyle and daily habits. The team at Maddox AV can help integrate smart home technology into your home that utilizes the latest equipment.  

If you want to enhance your lifestyle by integrating smart home technology into your home, contact the experts at Maddox AV today for a free consultation.  


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