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As homeowners, we understand the importance of feeling safe in and around your home. Many families are beginning to travel again as local COVID regulations are lifted. We have become accustomed to staying inside our homes and near our possessions. If you plan on vacationing this summer, you may feel uneasy leaving your home and your possessions unprotected. The best way to keep your home safe this summer is with a smart home surveillance service from Maddox AV.

Home Surveillance Services

Our home surveillance services allow you to protect what is important to you, even when you are away from your home. When you take summer vacations this year, you want to relax and enjoy time with your family. You do not want to worry about the security of your home and possessions while you are away. The best way to keep your home safe this summer is by installing surveillance and remote monitoring systems in your home. Surveillance systems allow you to check for activity around your home, all from the convenience of your phone. Whether you enjoy time on the beach or visiting family, you can virtually have “eyes” on your home from anywhere!

Home Security Features

In addition to remote monitoring systems, you can implement several home security features to ensure the safety of your home while you are away. Many of us tend to hire someone to watch our pets when we travel. Although a dog watcher is more convenient than using a kennel, you invite a guest into your home while you are not there. Some of the best home security features that will keep your home safe this summer while you travel are keyless entry systems and wireless communication systems. You can ensure your doors are locked and will be notified when your guest leaves or enters. These systems allow you to know who is entering your home and what time they enter.

We all want to be able to enjoy summer vacations without worrying about the safety of our homes. The best way to keep your home safe this summer is to install a home surveillance system. All of our designs are accessible from smart home devices so that you can monitor your home even when you are away! The specialist at Maddox AV can help you secure your home and keep it safe this summer! Contact us today!  

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