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Top Trending Design Elements for Smart Homes


For a smart home system to function at its best ability, high-end technology and equipment are required. Most luxury homeowners desire sleek and modern design elements throughout their homes.   So, one of the top trending design elements for smart homes is to conceal the equipment.  This can enhance the atmosphere of any room in the home while providing whole house audio/video at the touch of a button.  Here are some of the top ways you can incorporate these trending design elements for your home. 

Concealed Speakers 

The specialists at Maddox AV know how to incorporate design elements for smart homes, especially with whole-home audio and video systemsConcealed speakers that are incorporated into the overall room design allow for high-performance audio while elevating the atmosphere of the room.  You can impress your guests with high-end audio and sound that is disguised as a design element. We provide concealed in-wall, in-ceiling, and outdoor speakers that provide a high level of quality, in a concealed design-appropriate way.

Lighting & Shade Control

Another one of the top trending design elements for smart homes is lighting and shade control. The lighting in your home has a big impact on the atmosphere you create. With the click of a button, you can control the scheme or aesthetic you wish to have in each room. This design element can be monitored from your mobile device or scheduled on a timer. You can also customize the lighting and shades in individual rooms or your whole house.  Lighting and shade control can also be great tools when you're away from home, to give the appearance of a 'lived-in' home.  Lighting and shade controls can be integrated with minimal equipment and your choice of lighting fixtures. Elevate the design of your home and create an atmosphere the reflects your lifestyle with a whole-home lighting and shade control system.

Design Consultation

Integrating luxury brands into design elements helps to elevate the atmosphere of your home while also providing the ultimate level of convenience. Concealed speakers and lighting control offer a unique entertainment experience that adds to the aesthetic and design of any space. Maddox AV design, engineers, and installs all the technology and equipment to maximize your experience and create a design that incorporates the smart home features you desire. 

If you are interested in upgrading your home to incorporate the top trending design elements for smart homes into your existing house, contact us to set up a design consultation. The specialist at Maddox AV can help design a luxurious smart home system that enhances your lifestyle. 

Download the Smart Home Checklist for more ideas on how to create a Smart Home!

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