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Maddox AV Best Home Automation Faces of Annapolis

Best Home Automation & A/V Company

In it’s 2022 edition, The Faces of Annapolis features Nick Kfoury, President of Maddox Audio Video Design as The Face of Home Automation & A/VAnnapolis Home Magazine publishes the annual magazine each year which features leading home professionals from the Chesapeake Bay area.  This year, Nick is pleased to be named as one of the best home automation companies in the Maryland region.

A Full Suite of Home Technology Products & Services

The article describes founder Nick Kfoury’s motivation for starting Maddox Audio Video Design along with his background in the military and serving the high-profile needs of clients in the Hamptons and Long Island.  Nick explains, “Today, our clients want high-quality home automation and audio visual components that are concealed.  We accomplish this with smart home features that are invisible such as concealed speakers, retractable screens, automated blinds, and televisions that showcase artwork.”  Nick also reflects that many of the services his team provides are a true reflection of your lifestyle.  After all, when you have a beautiful home, you want to enjoy your home and entertain your family and friends.   Maddox AV products allow you to replicate the perfect atmosphere every time with lighting and music that provides a real room-to-room experience.  The audio/video systems they design and install allow clients to have the best sound available for a concert hall or cinematic experience.  For people who work from home, or want the top-of-the-line in home security, you can also have a closed loop network so that your data remains private and secure.

A White-Glove Approach

Today, Maddox Audio Video Design offers a full-service, white-glove approach by providing state-of-the-art technology from manufacturers who are leading the way in this rapidly growing industry.  This is one of the reasons why they are the best home automation company in Maryland.  The most popular brands are Control4, Josh AI, and Sonance.  These brands offer unlimited possibilities for the integration of home automation including whole house audio and video systems, automated lighting and shade control, home theaters, and home surveillance.

Do you want to know more about the Best Home Automation company?  View the story profile of Nick Kfoury and Maddox AV or view the full list of home and design professionals recognized by Annapolis Home Magazine in the special Faces of Annapolis edition.


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