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Home automation systems have been growing more popular as homeowners seek to live in a smart home that fits their lifestyle. These systems provide automatic control of the devices in your home and can be controlled remotely. Therefore, home automation systems give homeowners convenience, additional security, and efficiency. 

Automated Household Systems

Automated Household systems allow you to control all the devices in your home from one, remote, control interface. Manage and monitor the temperature of your home, set your alarm system, close your garage door, or turn on the oven, all from your mobile device. Home automation systems give you the capability to monitor your home’s vital systems, even when you are away!

Security & Surveillance

Every homeowner wants to ensure the safety of their family and their home. Upscale homes require the latest technology to monitor activity in and around the home. Home automation systems provide security and surveillance systems that protect and monitor your home even when you are away.

Automated Lighting and Shade Control

Lighting plays a big role in the overall atmosphere and functionality of your home. Automated lighting and shade control offers elements of design like aesthetic and safety to enhance your lifestyle and provide the level of security you desire. Electronic shades allow you to take advantage of natural light to increase the efficiency of your home while also providing you with privacy, all at the touch of a button.

Audio & Video Systems

Home automation systems can include audio and video systems that enhance your entertainment experience at home. There are several components of audio & video systems that you should consider, including media servers, speakers, network and connectivity, and brands and technology. Integrating these systems into your home allow for different entertainment preferences and a design that meets everyone’s needs.

Maddox Audio Video Design can work with you to design a unique smart home automation system that provides you with peace of mind whether you are at work, at home with your family or traveling abroad.

If you’re thinking about investing in a smart home automation system, contact the experts at Maddox AV today for a free consultation.  

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